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Updated November 29, 2011. New: Christmas playbook for the holiday gigs; click on "Set List" below the Leo Clarus tab on the left, above. Listen to Brad's original Christmas song, "Tonight of All Nights (Christmas Eve)" on "Nineteen from Twenty: The Best of Brad Thomas, 1979-1999" by clicking on the "Listen" page; scroll down, click the player button to launch the song and then click the red-highlighted title and the lyrics will also open. "Producer's Corner" blog and Brad's sizzle reel to be posted shortly.

By exploring the links to the left, it may become evident that our site holds a somewhat different worldview than typical online arts and entertainment destinations. 

Here’s the sketch: Let’s do something to improve a little piece of our world. In the broader context of our uneasy planet, your very ability to visit this site suggests that you already posses essential tools: an impulse for connection and wonderment, a longing creativity and curiosity, and a sense of social justice; each a vital skill that can enrich your contribution to your own community.

There is also much good news in our world, though we often have to dig below a shrill and fearing media culture to find it. This good news centers on our very humanness: all of us long to be a part of something larger than ourselves - to belong to, and to delight within. We all seek the opportunity to meaningfully explore and safely express our inner lives, and to share our unique vision with the world around us. But how can we accomplish this, and still connect and relate with one another?


Music is the unifying language we already know. By connecting within our shared musical language, we no longer have to be alone when we 'think big.' Instead, we can rediscover the surprising power of collaborative incremental steps to propel a more just and equitable world. We begin by becoming ‘incrementalists’ together, nurturing a fundamental respect for those around us that declines to validate the rancor of our times. We'll look to music to unify these increments, propelling our shared vison for a better and more-just world.

An example: This is the official site for the musical group, “Leo Clarus” (Latin for "The Clear Lion"). Leo Clarus is a five-piece, socially-conscious 'activist' band, configurable from an acoustic vocal duo to a ten-piece boogie band with horns and backup singers. With a setlist centered in the 70's and 80's that is designed to appeal to a broad demographic, Leo Clarus features superb vocals, outstanding musicianship, and a low-volume, small stage footprint. Please click on the "Leo Clarus Video"  link to the left to view the small stage, five piece package. There is also a subtle musical subversiveness to their performances; a recent live set included both a reggae-fied Julie Andrews classic and a Frank Zappa medley, followed by a K.C. and the Sunshine Band/Pink Floyd mashup.

The cost of booking Leo Clarus is either pricey or almost free; often the latter. Opening a sober-living home or a transition-from-prison halfway house? Contact Leo Clarus to inquire about a fundraiser. Trying to raise money for a library, shoe drive, clothes, food bank, or cancer research? Do you desire to raise awareness, support disaster relief, end-of-life care, defray medical costs, or rescue a struggling non-profit? Press your clicking finger. Are you a casino, corporation, event planner, caterer, or simply a healthy checkbook that just wants to throw a good party for someone you love? It will leave a mark, but we adore those gigs too - and they are vital in helping to send Leo Clarus to all those benefit gigs.

Please view or download the Leo Clarus Electronic Press Kit to more fully understand our scope of services and to see the promo trailer and other assorted videos. Here you can even print your own event posters, select photos, browse contracts, and customize the song selections Leo Clarus will perform at your event. Please click on the "Set List" link to the left to view our extensive playbook, and to see such a customized songlist for an large outdoor gig that is catered and culturally diverse. Or, just click on the "Contact" link to the left, and a representative of the band will contact you within 24 hours.

Here at, all of our music, in a higher-quality 192-bit mp3 format, may be listened to for free. Lossless, CD-quality downloads of individual tracks or entire albums will be available soon for purchase in our online store, currently under construction offline. A CD-length album of new, original music is currently being recorded, and will be available in early December, 2011. The new website will also launch at that time.
is envisioned as a connecting location. Through a coordinated exchange of music, literature, and creative social activism, we seek to broaden a socially-just experience within the world around us. Of course, this carries real risks, just as love carries a vulnerablility to sorrow. Yet love we all still do, and within this striking similarity lies the kernel of transcendence: faith, love, and justice are animated only through lived actions; otherwise, they are merely good ideas.

PlusRecords has been in existence – mostly as a fragile dream, but with periods of breathtaking success – for 27 years. Today, a renewed PlusRecords seeks to engage with our larger world; not just from the comparative safety of the Internet - but at the fractious, often unpretty waterline of the truly-lived experience. Music, acting in advocacy for incremental action towards equality and social justice in our own communities, is our primary tool. We invite you to join us.

Welcome. BTS